Brand Design

Passion for Winning

We are determined to be the best at doing what matters most.

We have a compelling desire to improve and to win in the marketplace.


Every product we conceive, develop and distribute has to be market relevant and brand relevant in order to create long lasting competitive value.


We respect our NBI colleagues, customers and consumers, and treat them as we want to be treated. We have confidence in each other’s capabilities and intentions. We believe that people work best when there is a foundation of trust.

Mutual Interdependency is a Way of Life

We work together with confidence and trust across business units, functions, categories and geographies. We take pride in results from reapplying others’ ideas.

We build superior relationships with all the parties who contribute to fulfilling our Corporate Purpose, including our customers and suppliers.

There’s really only one word to describe the work our people put into growing our brands. Amazing! And it’s something you’ll become a part of from the moment you start.

From local communities to global initiatives, we think investing in our planet is pretty important. Helping the countries in which we operate isn’t just a responsibility – it’s a necessity for our success and something our people are very passionate about. We’re making everyday life better through our innovations and actions.

Agility, Speed and Excellence

We work seamlessly with the Global Supply Chain to create and deliver end-to-end process and manufacturing innovation with excellence, speed and agility.

We are diverse leaders, scientists, creatives, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs — partnering internally and externally to leverage world-class capabilities in our quest to deliver coveted innovation at start-up speed.

“Give Women & Men the best product you can make, present it in a perfect bottle of beautiful simplicity and impeccable taste, ask for a reasonable price, and you will see the birth of a business the size of which the world has never seen.”
Our Luxury division, is home to iconic global brands and much loved regional brands. Luxury is focused on NBI fragrances.


We believe business plays an important role in helping to solve some of the most pressing social, environmental and governance challenges the world faces. We are currently developing our new responsible growth strategy based on our values, purpose and the material issues across our whole value chain. It will outline ambitious goals and time-bound targets. The global program, “We Stand For You,” focuses on those who face discrimination based on their gender, sexual orientation, disability or ethnicity by challenging the norms, stereotypes and policies that perpetuate prejudice and discrimination around the world. The program mobilizes NBI colleagues around the world to use their collective voice to advocate and campaign for social change through online engagement, and immersive action.


We are in the process of fully understanding our environmental footprint across our value chain. This includes understanding the value chains for our key product areas such as fragrance. We want to better understand our environmental impact at each stage of the product life cycle from the sourcing of raw materials through to product manufacture, distribution, consumer use and disposal.

Driven by passion, creative freedom, and an entrepreneurial spirit, NBI has created a prestigious portfolio of perfumery brands.
We believe that good ideas can come from any source, and this entrepreneurial attitude leads to growth and enhances the quality of all our products. We encourage our staff to express their thoughts, promoting a democratic spirit where each person is both stimulated and encouraged to offer their individual contribution. Our team is made-up of forward-thinking professionals who embrace a sense of creativity that is both dynamic and constantly progressive.


We develop our products in an environmentally responsible way.

All our products are safe and have been developed, manufactured and packaged in compliance with the strict guidelines and regulations set by each country in which they are sold. We comply with all environmental laws and regulations applicable to our business and supply chain.

We are working to strengthen our global reporting on key environmental metrics, prioritizing carbon, water and waste. We are in the process of collecting reliable and verifiable data on these areas across our sites. We will use this data to set targets and generate scorecards at global, divisional and regional levels.

We are committed to play our part to tackle climate change by improving our internal environmental footprint. We are also aware that a large proportion of our environmental impact takes place during the consumer use and disposal stages. As part of our new responsible growth plan, we will be developing an environmental strategy to tackle the environmental hotspots identified.

Employee programs

Our greatest strength is our people. We have passionate employees who are dedicated to making our workplace and the world a better place. Our Changemakers are an internal global network of volunteers who are helping to preserve our planet, support our brands with purpose and create a positive social impact in and around the communities where we operate. This grassroots, bottom-up program embodies our belief that creative solutions can come from any level of the organization.

As important stakeholders in our new responsible growth plan, we wanted to ensure the views of our employees were heard. Understanding their perspective and gaining feedback on employee engagement focus areas’ and the overall responsible growth plan is critical to the success of the initiatives.

Human & labor rights

We believe that everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect. We are committed to respecting and promoting fundamental human rights throughout our own operations and extended supply chain.
We are committed to ensuring that all our employees work in a safe environment that is based on equal opportunity and is free from discrimination or harassment.

Our commitment to respecting human rights also extends throughout our supply chain to our business partners, suppliers and contractors. We expect our partners to share our values and maintain the same high levels of ethical standards and to promote these within their organizations and throughout their business network. These standards are outlined in our code of conduct for business partners and are to be followed in the daily business activities on behalf of NBI. Any risks of non-compliance are escalated to appropriate senior leadership.

Each day, NBI shows the amazing results that come from the meeting of creative minds and talented craftsmanship. These creations could not exist without the remarkable women and men who work at all our Houses. Our commitment to exemplary social responsibility means respecting their individuality, developing and transmitting our savoir-faire, and identifying talents who share our quest for excellence.


NBI also strongly believes that excellence, the driving force behind its success, constitutes a prime lever for social and professional inclusion. Our social responsibility includes initiatives inspired by excellence to help marginalized or vulnerable groups, acting in solidarity with our host communities around the world. This is one way that NBI cascades the positive social impact of its business activities through a vision of excellence that is both generous and inclusive. NBI’s social responsibility is based on four pillars:

workplace well-being and quality working conditions, developing talent and savoir-faire, preventing discrimination and supporting local communities. This vision of social responsibility is shared by all the Group’s Houses, who adapt it to address their own priorities and local presence, always respecting their distinctive identities. NBI requires exemplary behavior by all its employees and partners. Rules and guidelines governing respect for ethics and social and environmental responsibility principles in their conduct are set out in the NBI Code of Conduct and the NBI Supplier Code of Conduct. Explore the original creations, innovations and landmark events that have made the NBI group what it is.

Vertical integration fosters excellence both upstream and downstream, allowing control over every link in the value chain, from sourcing and production facilities to selective retailing.

Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) at Nasrabadi Brothers Innovations is where business, innovation and technology come together to create competitive advantage. Our mission is to deliver IT to help NBI win with consumers. Our IT professionals are diverse business leaders who apply IT mastery to deliver technology-driven business models and capabilities.

Whether your role is to create an IT innovation strategy for a business, protect our critical information systems and assets, or manage a strategic supplier in our cutting-edge Shared Services organization, your technical mastery will be recognized and rewarded. Your passion for the industry will be further cultivated by our culture of continued learning and growth. A career in IT builds change leadership and influence skills, breadth of experience across multiple businesses, and depth of expertise in areas like Application & Integration, Infrastructure, Data & Analytics and IT Security & Risk.