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NBI is a third-generation family-owned fragrance and fashion business based in Hamburg. The strength of NBI lies in its ability to build brands, to shape the image of brands through fragrance, and to translate that same image into the world of fashion through storytelling and product excellence
Hassan Nasrabadi : CEO


We are inspired by the values expressed in the NBI slogan: Passion, People, Performance.


We enter whole-heartedly into our endeavors. We are passionate about the quality of our products, the success of our business, the dreams of our consumers. It is the fundamental ingredient in the creation of our products. For NBI, Passion is… Audacity. Emotion. Creativity. Innovation.


It takes the collective talent of ambitious, hard-working teams to create and market some of the world’s most distinctive fragrances. At NBI, People means… Commitment. Entrepreneurship. Authenticity.


As a family-owned company we can take the long view and seize opportunities as they arise. Consistent performance speaks for itself. At NBI, Performance stands for long-term Vision, Common Sense, Embrace of Challenge & Efficiency.

Created Brands

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  • savior-perfumes-NBI-company
  • basim-karbalaei-perfumes-NBI-company

Creativity & Innovation

Our slogan is: Alacrity

Our slogan is: Alacrity. We believe there are no limits to innovation. It is in our creative DNA to recognize that the results generated from a journey, ignited by sharing ideas, are winning results. We go beyond the limits of what we believe we can do, because innovation is in our blood. We are open to learn, open to change, open to the future. We adopt non-traditional points of views and we explore the uncharted horizons of our modern world. .

latest technologies

By utilizing the latest technologies and understanding and staying ahead of the trends, we create multiple engines of innovation to fuel our brands — from product development to packaging, sampling to selling, marketing to merchandising. We define innovation broadly and design experiences to capture the imagination of consumers wherever they are — at home or at retail stores, online, on mobile or on social media. Delivering meaningful benefits to discerning consumers is what drives innovation across the Company.

Heart of The NBI

At the heart of The NBI Company is a passion for creativity and innovation‚ because like our founders, we believe everyone can be beautiful. Every day, we help people express their individual passion with superior quality products, continuing the bold, breakthrough efforts of our founder..

unique DNA

We have designed our organization to build upon the unique DNA of each brand and unleash creativity and talent across the enterprise. Brand Product Development, R&D, Packaging and Corporate Innovation partner with Creative and Marketing to develop multiyear pipelines of products, packages and experiences to fuel each brand’s essence.