Ductility is the aim, since it high lights fame and precious. Alike PURE GOLD which is derived from “Aurum” the morning glow, shapeless but congenial to every elegance. PURE GOLD is resistant, pertinent, shiny and splendid; accessible among volcano stones and rivers which it is hard to seek and catch. Congenial to the nature, weather and human`s elegance distinguishes PURE GOLD from the others. PURE GOLD brand begins its peculiar from backed up by those experiences & a deep comprehension from the human`s elegance in 2016.


SUISSE GOLD surprises and fascinates with the sharp, contrasting sensations that its radiant and sophisticated trail awaken. This new fragrance is characteristic for its Tobacco-Fruity composition, inspired directly by the above images, making this fragrance luxurious, powerful and full of character.

Wild, like the promise of untamable intoxication; Wild, like the tigress that lies within every woman; Wild, a chic, fierce and enveloping eau de parfum, which no one can ever ignore.

The modern fragrance SUISSE GOLD accentuates refreshing and intense notes of Grapefruit, Coriander & Basil in top notes. The heart depicts masculine & Feminine characters with help of cardamom, Ginger and invigorating cardamom, while base notes provide a dose of elegance with amber, fresh spicy, Tobacco.

True to this legacy, PURE GOLD designs its other fragrances in a similar spirit, always referring to an element of the Master’s artistic universe. In same vein as the original mythic fragrance, AFRICAN GOLD offers a contemporary, purer and more youthful version, reinterpreted for today’s young Men & women who wish to assert their originality and differentiate themselves from current perfume trends by wearing Art as a fragrance. AFRICAN GOLD is opulent, classically dark; its fragrance is in line with the best creations of the best perfume houses. Luxurious and sensual fragrance with rich dark trace of AFRICAN GOLD and spices, modern and timeless. " It remains to be said that AFRICAN GOLD is long lasting and with wide spread aura.

The first level brings Tobacco leaves & Anise united with Coriander. The second level brings in spices with the scent of Clove bud, Coriander & Nutmeg getting through the dry fruit accords Plum, fig & date along with Tobacco & wood sap which give it a depth.

The third level introduces balsamic & woody accords by Tonka bean, Cocoa, Vanilla, Benzoin, honey & Cedar wood. This level also reveals aroma of flavored tobacco.

“The PURE GOLD Collection.” A collection which highlights their exceptional qualities by making them even more rich, more unique, more selective. The AMERICAN GOLD has consistently honored the brilliant artists – the great Master of modern and surrealist arts. The fragrance will be a favorite both to men and women. The composition is cheerful and energizing; It is composed of Citrus accords (Grapefruit, Bergamot) & Aromatic spicy (Lavender, Artemisia, Rosemary, Cardamom & Carrot seed) on top. A hint of Slightly floral, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Patchouli, Cedar, Oud, Sandal & Tobacco leather in the hearth. The base is made of Woods, Very strong dry-amber, Animatic, Sweet, Tonka bean & Vanilla. 

All the social and natural chaos and disorder surrounding us today can be translated to a much more intimate level. The RUSSIAN GOLD is a reflection of all the trials and tribulations one overcomes to attain personal satisfaction and achievement. PURE GOLD has established an enviable reputation for re-inventing accustomed scents. Frankincense and Myrrh traditionally smell spiritual and religious but in RUSSIAN GOLD, they have been reconstructed to feel contemporary yet sophisticated. Top notes open the composition with Pink Pepper, Saffron, Mace, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Cumin & Myrtle. The heart develops Frankincense, Geranium & Myrrh. Depth and warmth in the base are provided by patchouli Oud, Leather, musk along with Cedar, Sandal wood.

This event marked the birth of the first fragrance artist, “PURE GOLD”. This fragrance has become one of the great classics in perfumery. This artist's work, inspired by a work of art, won over countless women around the world with the uniqueness and audacity of the fragrance designed by one of the legendary figures in the history of Art. MEXICAN GOLD celebrates strength, vision and success, inspired by the dramatic life of war, peace and romance lived by a well-known hero. The fresh note of Bergamot & Oriental Olibanum, Labdanum & Saffron on top. In the heart, the oriental & woody notes of sandal & Cedar woods, Patchouli, Vetiver, Guaiac wood & Orris. The base is made of Woods, Musk & Amber.

The AUSTRALIAN is PURE GOLD's exclusive line where the brand puts all the best ingredients in rich compositions full of elements from the Italian region of Tuscany. The fragrance is announced as radically fresh, raw and noble at the same time. The composition is reportedly prevalent with carefully selected natural ingredients. The finest ingredients were hand-selected for this composition.

A Masterpiece!!!

The main theme of the composition (long and intensive woodsy trace) reaches its full expression in the lingering base composed of Sandal & Cedar woods, vanilla, Musk, Balsamic and amber. and tigress heart of the fragrance unfolds around white flowers with especially Jasmine, Orange blossom & Frangipani. Top notes open with Mandarin, Lemon & Fig along with fresh & Green.